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Long Arm Pricing Disclosure

We at Emmie’s strive to please you the customer. We purchase only the finest threads and material to bring you a quality product when it is finished. We also would like to take this time to lay out some costs to you show you that we are front and not trying to hide anything until you come and pick you quilt.

  1. Basic Cost for Quilting: Width times Height times (Pattern Selected) = Cost of Quilting (W x H) x Pattern Selected – ( starting at $.020) Minimum for any size quilt is $50.
    1. Pattern Selection: Each pattern is priced according to the complexity.
    2. Please see pattern selection manual/book for patterns and prices per square inch.
  2. Cost of Bobbins is currently $3.00 per Bobbin. In most cases the number of bobbins needed to quilt your quilt is based on the pattern you pick. The simpler the less bobbins. Generally, the following can be used as a guide but not a steadfast rule.
a. Throw, Crib, Table Runner: 1 bobbins

b. Twin: 2 Bobbins

c. Double: 3 Bobbins

d. Queen: 3 Bobbins

e. King: 4 Bobbins

  1. Other items that you need to consider
  • The cost of the top thread is a cost we share and do not charge you the customer.
  • The Batting if needed is currently $11.95 a yard. You are welcome to bring your own batting but if we feel that the quality will harm our machine we will require ours.
  • The Backing if needed is based on the fabric you need.
  • Borders: (a) Simple (w*h) *.02, (b) Complex (w*h) *.03
  • Binding: we do not offer this option, at this time
  • We do not charge for quilting patterns in stock.
We currently charge for the following items and they are based on time spent at $15.00 an hour:

  1. Trimming the excess after quilting
  2. Cutting or burying the thread
  3. Repairs needed prior to quilting
  4. Ironing of quilt
  5. Rush Service: (Total Charge * 30%)

The customer understands and is willing for Emmie’s to Complete the task of Quilting their Quilt.
We thank you for honoring us and to allow us to Quilt your product.

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